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The Allycast

The official Podcast of the UK TABBING YOMPING and Rucking community. Hosted by Steve

Mar 6, 2021

This is Ben's second visit to the allycast, in his first episode you can hear his full story from Parkrun to Pen y fan.   In this episode we talk about his latest challenge, tabbing 7 marathons in 7 days carrying 80 pounds to help two amazing charities.   Support our paras and Pilgrim bandits Support our Paras and...

Jan 29, 2021

Nick Littlehales is an Elite Sport Sleep Coach & Managing Director.


A former PGA Professional Golfer, International Sales & Marketing Director of a major sleep product manufacturer and Chairman of the UK Sleep Council. Nick has been at the forefront of projecting sleep recovery into the world of Elite...

Jan 12, 2021

John is a larger than life character, who's non-nonsense message on the hills and in life is a breath of fresh air in the cotton wool world we now live in.

He's a veteran of Afghanistan and now even has his own clothing line.

Nov 10, 2020

Ben has set himself some awesome challenges in 2020 and risen to them all. 2021 sees even more coming his way as he plans to complete 7 loaded marathons in 7 days and is on course to qualify for a world record attempt

Aug 18, 2020

Steve came into the the endurance fitness arena in his 40's but now grabs every challenge with both hands.   He not only goes all out to complete it but looks for ways to make them more challenging.   Like the rest of us he's an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.   A true gladiator and all round genuine human...