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The Allycast

The official Podcast of the UK TABBING YOMPING and Rucking community. Hosted by Steve

Aug 23, 2021

Greg is a high profile member of GT with an impressive run-streak under his belt and a story to inspire us all

Jun 25, 2021

My journey into ultras has been one of self-discovery,   I am a mid-pack runner who's in it for the adventure and to inspire others.   In this Episode, Guest Host, Iain Paul, Interviews me on my whys hows and what drives me 

Jun 23, 2021

A record-breaking ultramarathon runner who's represented Great Britain and achieves competitive results in some of the world's toughest races.

A UK Athletics running coach, widely published journalist and author, public speaker, and parent.

Damian holds the Fastest Known Time for running Coast to Coast and in 2020 took...

Jun 15, 2021

Angela is a massive part of the GT community.  She is an accomplished test week march competitor, Triathlete, Runner and Cyclist.

In this podcast, we talk about the massive life changes COVID has brought about for her.  The Inclusivity and accessibility of the Fandance and generally talk about life as an athlete

Aug 18, 2020

Steve came into the the endurance fitness arena in his 40's but now grabs every challenge with both hands.   He not only goes all out to complete it but looks for ways to make them more challenging.   Like the rest of us he's an ordinary person doing extraordinary things.   A true gladiator and all round genuine human...